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As more schools and educational institutions expand their remote learning opportunities, Seesaw cannot be used without a video tool, too. Still, Seesaw is an excellent complement to these tools to better manage remote classrooms (along with in-person classes). Is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to trade crypto and other assets. Is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that currently does not operate in Europe, UK and Australia, still you are welcome to browse and find out more. Is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that currently does not operate in the US, still you are welcome to browse and find out more. According to the official website, 30% of the SeeSaw cryptocurrency was reserved for the pre-sale, 10% for marketing, 5% as a bridge reserve and 4% for the developer’s wallet.

what is seesaw protocol

Interactive whiteboards open a new world of possibilities for whole group instruction. Explore how interactive whiteboards can build student agency, ownership, and engagement in powerful ways. Beginning of year assessments can provide valuable insights into where students are starting their year.

Its second phase pre-sale ended on 25th February with 178,200,000 tokens sold, and the third pre-sale phase will end on 25th March. It offers up to 89,100,000 SW for sale while the final pre-sale phase will offer up to 29,700,000 SSW for sale. Seesaw Protocol is the crypto that everyone is talking about because it has had almost a 2250% increase in value since it began in mid-January 2022. The revolutionary crypto has a very powerful vision and arguably, this could be a big part of the crypto’s early success.

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Many educators strive to ignite students’ curiosity, support each student’s unique needs, and prepare students for success through school and beyond. When students are happy, they’re more creative, collaborative, and resilient. Roni Habib joins us to share how downregulation strategies, caring relationships, and laughter can lead to happier classrooms.

Identifying a coin that is about to strike it rich can be extremely difficult. Despite this, there are tens of thousands of analysts that research trends, charts, and data in order to locate the next initiative in which to invest. “the only value of stock forecasters is to make fortune-tellers look good.” said multi-billionaire Warren Buffett.

what is seesaw protocol

Judging by recent discussions on Telegram, users encountered issues with conducting pre-sale transactions, a fact confirmed by one of Seedaw Protocol’s only tweets. The investor, who was banned from the Telegram group, also mentioned being contacted over the phone, possibly to offer discounts on additional pre-sale purchases. It should be noted that this cannot be independently quantified at this time. An anonymous team is responsible for creating the SeeSaw Protocol, which is alleged to be based in Switzerland. As mentioned above, the SSW Protocol didn’t have a Whitepaper initially, but it was promised and released soon after. However, certain statements within it still do not help to ease some sharp concerns regarding its actuality of existence/utility.

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The final pre-sale phase ended on April 8 as the developers raised $29 million. However, unlike most cryptocurrencies, it is currently impossible to buy the SSW cryptocurrency in mainstream exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi. Instead, you can only buy it in PancakeSwap or its internal platform. Trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks. The analysis/stats on and it’s subsites are for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice and or the truth. Statements and financial information on and it’s subsites should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation to buy, sell or hold.

It comes down to timing the market vs. time in the market when it comes to investing in equities and cryptocurrency. An investor buys a coin or token when it appears to be at a low or a fall in price. With this comes the anticipation that the price will swiftly rise and that it will be likely to be sold for a profit. Presales, such as the already hugely successful Seesaw Protocol , are a great way to put this strategy into action.

what is seesaw protocol

Seesaw’s mission to engage students is made clear with its web-based platform. The platform is yet another example of how technology is striving to make education more efficient and streamlined for students, teachers, and family members. A classroom doesn’t work without its participants, which is also true about the Seesaw platform.

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The latter aspect eliminates the need for owning more than one type of crypto wallet as well as prevents maintaining them separately. Yes, such a reason is a critical Red Flag for investors, yet on the other hand, it is being featured by numerous noteworthy media platforms. Again, the latter is simply the effect of SSW marketing itself along with other popular cryptos like DOGE, XLM, etc. Set base price for the SSW tokens was $0.005 with a 3% buy tax for allowing the above-mentioned cryptocurrency purchases.

  • With such strong positives, investors would naturally want to bank on the opportunity of acquiring them, raising their value all the more.
  • It comes down to timing the market vs. time in the market when it comes to investing in equities and cryptocurrency.
  • Hence, it’s focused on benefitting the proprietors of cryptos without creating grounds for questioning its stability or environmental concerns.
  • Is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that currently does not operate in the US, still you are welcome to browse and find out more.

If Seesaw Protocol keeps going in the direction its presale has taken in the first month, the Shiba Inu precedent could be duplicated to a significant extent. A prospective investment at this point of its presale matches both market timing and time in the market could lead to a positive yield in the short and long term. The investor buys a token they believe in at a given price, knowing that it will eventually rise in value. Time in the market is regarded to be slightly less dangerous because the cryptosphere’s position in the mainstream is still in its early stages. SSW can aid its users in determining the best and fastest chain for their transaction, as well as the chain with the lowest gas expenses.

What is the Seesaw Protocol?

They can scan worksheets or even integrate Google Docs with the app. Teachers have the option to leave voice recordings with directions for assignments, too. Is a US-based licensed platform that provides crypto exchange services for US residents. The material provided on this website is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as investment research or investment advice.

The SSW price has dropped sharply to about $0.4060, close to its lowest level on record. This article will explain what Seesaw is and whether it is a good strategy to invest in it for the long term. GitHub Analysis Development activity for over 950 open source cryptocurrencies. Top Losers Worst performing cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours. Top Gainers Best performing cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours. For nearly a decade, you have trusted Seesaw to be at the heart of your classroom.

SSW is offering pre-sale token purchases without offering a proof of concept. The alarming rate by which the SSW Tokens are rising in value has certainly drawn speculations from the crypto community. While some are advising caution, others are waiting to gain more knowledge regarding the project.

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The holders of such tokens can use them to buy in-game items or acquire them by trading their in-game items. The SeeSaw Protocol is a type of utility cryptocurrency that allows its holders to use them on other crypto blockchains. Presently, the project mentions that its holders can use the SSW Tokens on blockchains like Binance Smart Chain , Ethereum , Polygon , etc. The first pre-sale period for the Seesaw token ended in February, while the second phase ended on March 25.

Finding Balance with Seesaw

SHIB rose to notoriety on the coattails of fellow canine crypto Dogecoin, despite its relative obscurity. SeeSaw Protocol was accepting pre-sale money, despite offering no proof of concept or whitepaper. Since the original publication of this article, the team has unveiled a whitepaper, which investors should thoroughly scrutinise. Parallelly, the utility cryptocurrencies that currently exist are usually linked to DeFi Projects like Crypto Games or Metaverse.

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Whales, or investors who hold large quantities of cryptocurrency, have taken to Shiba Inu, and by the end of 2021, only eight people held 70% of all SHIB in circulation. SHIB rose to notoriety on the coattails of fellow canine building your own cryptocurrency crypto Dogecoin, despite its relative obscurity. The breed of dog portrayed in the now-famous meme that DOGE is based on is the Shiba Inu. Time in the market is a more cautious method in which the goal is to be patient.

The merchant location address is located at Unit 5.25, World Trade Center, 6 Bayside Road, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA. Through an analysis of “SeeSaw Protocol” Google search results, we can potentially observe a manipulation of the algorithm. Without any substantial details, we cannot answer the questions “What is SeeSaw Protocol coin used for? ” Presumably, SSW coin will be used to facilitate swaps across different blockchains and possible governance options. The SSW tokens are available via the pre-sale phase until April and you can get them here.

For the most part, Seesaw has seen the widest adoption by middle school and grade-level teachers, as well as elective teachers and after-school teachers. Dzengi Сom сlosed joint stock companyis a cryptoplatform operator and carries out activities using tokens. Anyone can purchase the SSW tokens from their pre-sale phase, after which they will be available from Uni Swap and Pancake Swap platforms. While it is fair to not predict its success pending its public release, its importance cannot be overlooked based on the failures of other newly launched tokens.